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Human Nature is an idea blog about the nature of human beings. It talks about personal experiences, thoughts, and observations.The site was created in 2022 by me  with my clients in mind. I thought that it would be helpful for them to read other people's stories, insights and reflections on a variety of topics related to psychotherapy and mental health.

Inside Humanity

Occasionally I include content from guest contributors who are professionals in the field of psychology or public health. 

Human Nature is intended for anyone interested in a better understanding of the human condition: therapists and other mental health providers looking for novel ways to explore treatment options with clients; parents interested in new perspectives on parenting; educators seeking new ways to understand their students; those dealing with grief or loss; friends or partners experiencing relationship difficulties.

It all started when I started writing reflections after sessions with my clients as a way of summarizing what we had talked about as well as recording any thoughts or insights that were coming up for me as we spoke together.

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